Lockhart crash report raises questions of whether police can track car’s movements

Lockhart crash report raises questions of whether police can track car’s movements

The Texas Park바카라사이트s and Wildlife Department says its radar system picked up one of the three vehicles. One of the vehicles was reported missing at about 11바카라사이트 p.m. Sunday. Another vehicle was spotted Saturday night, but did not appear to be missing.

Parks spokesman Paul Kucinich said the patrol agency is aware of the crash reports. But he could not comment further because the investigation is ongoing.

Parks spokesman Paul Kucinich.

At a news conference this morning, Kucinich said it appears only one vehicle, possibly a 2008 Buick Regal, was driving the wrong way and was headed south at about 5 a.m. Saturday.

However, Kucinich said at some point the Buick had to turn around. He said he does not know if it was due to traffic or something else.

Kucinich said he did not know if this was a double-parking or s더킹카지노omething else.

That vehicle is being towed, while a second one was spotted and parked the wrong way in the opposite direction.

There was some traffic involved Monday on State Highway 290, but it was cleared by afternoon.

Parks spokesperson Paul Kucinich said he doesn’t know if this vehicle was involved in the Sunday crash but will look into it further.

Kucinich said he believes the two vehicles were traveling eastbound on I-35 and were not going to stop.

« There was no indication they were going southbound, » he said. « So in that regard we believe it was probably northbound when it rear-ended another vehicle. »

The Texas Department of Public Safety released video of the truck in the westbound lane of Texas Route 210 around 6 a.m. Sunday.

There were flashing lights and siren sirens, Kucinich said. He said the truck appeared to be on a green light and not be stopping.

He said that’s why he believes the vehicle was going northbound.

But the Texas Department of State Health Services says there were at least three other collisions on the same stretch of roadway from about 9 a.m. to about 6 p.m. Sunday that led to a fatality.

Kucinich told reporters the crashes involved both red and light-colored vehicles on southbound traffic lanes.

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