Winds fan blaze near perth, in latest heatwave disaster

Winds fan blaze near perth, in latest heatwave disaster


A heatwave is threatening more than 7,000 homes and businesses in northern Sydney and the north-eastern suburbs of Perth, with the heatwave expected to continue through the weekend.

Key points: Police said four people died and at least 2,500 injured in a large blaze in Northcote, in Northamptonshire

Some 100 homes were damaged in Victoria and a nearby region in NSW

Power outage is affecting hundreds across south-eastern WA, while in Sydney, about 75 per cent of homes were still out and more than 2,000 firefighters were battling a raging fire across Northcote.

The South Australian Emergency Service has sent emergency services out to help with the blaze.

Chief fire officer Ian Stewart said it was a raging fire with extensive smoke damage at the weekend, with the danger of even more severe conditions during tomorrow.

« Crews have put the fire under control and are trying to bring to an end the fire, » he said.

About 2,500 homes were affected by the large blaze, with the damage rising to 200 homes with up to 70 people still in the homes, Mr Stewart said.

« There are a number of areas within Northcote where it continues to burn and there is still substantial smoke damage to many of those premises, » he said.

« It is not unusual at these times of year to see fires grow in these parts in the bush. »

Chief executive of Northern Power, Jeff Beasley, warned the heatwave was putting a strain on services, with emergency crew바카라s operating late into the night and people experiencing respiratory problems.

« There are very hot and humid weather conditions, which is having an impact on power outages in Northcote, » he said.

« At the moment the most severe impact to the power networks is the bushfires and바카라사이트 the bushfires have been ongoing and ongoing for a number of days so, while the fire suppression operations will continue, it is the need for more resources, equipment and personnel to control the bushfires which can potentially continue. »

A State Emergency Service spokesman said more than 100 fire trucks were on the scene after the blaze hit.

He said crews wo카지노 사이트uld continue to monitor the blaze, as long as they did not reach the fire’s heart.

« We have got a great response from the public and, as ever, we would encourage people to provide help to those affected. They are no

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